Awaken A Film by Tom Lowe

AWAKEN is a feature film exploring humanity's relationship with technology and the natural world.

Shot over a 5-year period in more than 30 countries, AWAKEN pioneers new timelapse, time-dilation, underwater, and aerial cinematography techniques to give audiences new eyes with which to see our world. Executive produced by Terrence Malick and Godfrey Reggio, AWAKEN is a celebration of the spirit of life, an exploration of the Earth, and an ode to the Cosmos.

“Stunning. Minds will be blown. I saw stuff that’s never been done before.”
– Vincent Laforet


Helicopter flies between buildings on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, 2015.

Magnetic storm in Kiruna, Sweden, 2015.

Fog filmed in Dubai from a helicopter.

Traditional pole fisherman in Galle, Sri Lanka, 2013.

Festival dancer at Carnaval de Oruro in Bolivia, 2015.

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About the Filmmaker

Tom Lowe

Tom Lowe

Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor - AWAKEN is director Tom Lowe’s first feature film. His short film “Timescapes” attracted a passionate following and support from companies like Canon, Adobe and Google.

During production of “Timescapes” in September 2010, Lowe was named Astronomy Photographer of the Year by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. He has since served as second-unit director for mentors Terrence Malick (VOYAGE OF TIME) and Godfrey Reggio (VISITORS).

From Orange County, California, Lowe served in combat with the US Army. In 2007, he founded, a public-discussion forum dedicated to timelapse. Tom was involved in the resurgence of timelapse during its 2008-2011 digital renaissance. He pioneered several new timelapse techniques and helped design a next generation of motion-control systems. Lowe is co-founder of Awaken Studios.

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